IIUM UNESCO Club, an acronym for United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation, was established in 2018 to cater to international outreaches and at the same time, organises programmes to be in line with Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations. IIUM UNESCO Club believes education is a basic human right and aims to help the underdeveloped international communities and local refugees by conducting educational modules in a stress-free environment to achieve quality education. The club has received multiple awards such as Best Voluntary Team and Best Society Award for IIUM Student Activity Awards 2019, Best Student Association Award for IIUM TAKRIM 2020, and was also featured in Berita Harian Newspaper for our outreach to Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia.


To become the best provider on the development of Education, Sciences and Culture to the underdeveloped international communities and local refugees by 2025.


To emphasize the importance of English and Science to the underprivileged in a stress-free environment.

To establish a platform for cultural exchange among international communities.

Global Outreach to Vietnam (GIVE ’19)


With the belief that education is a basic human right, this outreach was carried out in January 2019 for 12 days in Chau Giang, Vietnam. Located there is a poor village called Kampung Jamiul Al-Azhar, where the volunteers brought educational modules and donated books for the students enrolled in the local Madrasah (school), and also ration kits containing cooking essentials for the villagers. As the school focuses on Islamic subjects, the students lack exposure to other subjects such as English and Science. Hence, knowledge transfer was done in a stress-free way where those subjects are incorporated in games, planting, and outdoor activities to trigger their sense of curiosity to learn. 

The villagers live and consume murky water and hence, are more prone to diseases. Hands on module on the importance of cleanliness were carried out to encourage the students to wash their hands and brush their teeth regularly to prevent bacterial infections.

This outreach proved that the children were eager to learn, but were not given enough opportunities. With continuous outreach to the village, it is hoped that the children’s access to education and their interest to further their studies will increase.

Global Outreach to Bukittinggi, Indonesia


Staying true to UNESCO club’s motto of “Education for All”, this 9 days’ outreach in August 2019 aimed to encourage children to dream high to achieve their ambition by pursuing higher level education. Collaborated with an NGO under MERCY Malaysia called PlaynPray, this outreach centers around a Pesantren (Islamic school) in Kampung Parabek and an environmental-friendly school in Aur Kuning. Both schools do not really emphasize on English language, and hence, English modules were carried out in a stress-free environment to maximise the knowledge transfer to the students. Other than teaching the language itself, the modules also enhance their communication and teamwork skills.

Aside from that, a talk by an IIUM psychology lecturer was held at the local mosque for the villagers on the role of parents in educating their children. Furthermore, this outreach does not only put importance on education and youth’s mental health, but also on the environment. Plants such as onion, pumpkin, and corn were planted with the students to encourage farming sustainable and nutritional food.

With this outreach being a long-term project, it is hoped that the children will continue striving for their dreams while being conscious of their mental and physical health.

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