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UMission Club is a student driven volunteering club established since 2014. With the main objective of providing assistance through humanitarian aid work, UMission Club put its focus towards underprivileged global Muslim community. The establishment of UMission Club was inspired by the IIUM’s aspiration towards internationalization in which the club’s missionary goal covers not only Malaysian community but the whole globe. Being the pioneer of an international-based club, its success is recognized through various achievements



  1. Anugerah Pasukan Sukarelawan Terbaik, Anugerah Tokoh Siswa (2019)
  2. Anugerah Pasukan Sukarelawan Terbaik, Anugerah Tokoh Siswa (2017)
  3. Anugerah Pasukan Sukarelawan Terbaik, Anugerah Tokoh Siswa (2015)
  4. Best Student Association, IIUM Takrim Day (2019)
  5. Most Outstanding Programme, IIUM Students Activity Award (2018)
  6. Best Voluntary Team, IIUM Students Activity Award (2018)
  7. Special Recognition Award, IIUM Students Activity Award (2017)
  8. Most Outstanding Volunteer Team, BUDI Special Award (2015)


Aims at becoming a leading students’ club that produces young, dynamic volunteers and future, competent leaders which are essential for the youth empowerment and transformation of the Ummah.


Acts as a platform to cultivate the sense of volunteerism through social, educational and international activities based on these 3 concepts: Islamisation, Volunteerism and Humanity.


Applying the principles of Tawhidullah in all aspects.


Developing a sense of empathy, compassion and concern driven by sincerity to Allah and the need to fulfill our obligations to humanity.


Serving humankind by fulfilling the rights and the needs of the underprivileged.



Global Ummatic Outreach (GUO) to Thailand is one of the international programmes organised by UMission Club in collaboration with our main collaborators, UMission For Peace and Ex-Jenan. Six GUO missions have been executed in Thailand for the past years, which is located in Satun province. Apart from the need to engage more graduates in playing their roles as young leaders, it is also one of the main objectives of this programme to provide assistance in response to the local needs of the Muslim community in Thailand.

The nature of this programme can be seen through the activities conducted, namely the mass circumcision, slaughtering ritual for Aqiqah feast, distribution of donation items as well as ukhuwwah-based activities that are focusing on strengthening the bond between the volunteers and the local community. Over the past years, UMission club has successfully conducted mass circumcision on 494 children and distributed 511 food parcels to the less fortunate Muslims in Satun province. Besides, other donation items such as educational kits, clothes and prayer kits have also been distributed to the local Muslims community on the average of 2386 beneficiaries over the past years.



With the main objective of providing assistance through humanitarian aid work, UMission Club had organized an annual global project, Journey of Khalifah (JOK) to Cambodia. This project has well served the Muslim communities located in different provinces in Cambodia such as Battambang, Kampot, Siem Reap and Kg. Cham. Apart from helping the underprivileged and impoverished Muslim communities in Cambodia, this project too serves the purpose of cultivating the sense of volunteerism among the volunteers involved. 

Among the highlighted events throughout this global mission is the slaughtering rituals during Eid Adha (qurban) in conjunction with the eid celebration. Mass circumcision and health screening are also conducted as an effort to promote health awareness among the villagers. As the effort in highlighting the improvement of socio-economic and infrastructure, UMission Club distributes monetary donation as well as other types of donations such as food parcels, clothes and prayer kits. This project also provides an educational development program through the distribution of basic educational kits to the children and cash donations to assist in schools management. It is also within the objective of this program by providing Clean Water Project that has been successfully implemented for years and served the communities in providing more clean water supply.

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