Titian Wahyu Club (TWC) is a volunteering-based club, established in 1996 under Centre for Community Engagement and Services (CENSERVE). Early on, TWC served a programme that promulgated motivational pamphlets to the public before focusing on mentoring and outreach. At present, TWC consists of four main projects which are Enhancing Morality, Academic and Spirituality (EMAS) project, Feeding The Homeless project, Engaging The Refugees project, and Ziaratul Mahabbah project. Since then, TWC has conducted around 20 programmes per year and collaborated with numerous organisations including Institut Onn Ja’afar, Kindness Malaysia, Sahabat Support Centre and many more. 

The primary objective of this club is to provide the students of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) whom are interested in volunteering activities a platform for them to serve back to the society.


To be a prominent club in areas of mentoring and outreach by 2025


Titian Wahyu Club provides a platform for volunteers to witness the stored potential, as well as challenges experienced by people of different social classes



JOM BREAKFAST is a programme under Feeding the Homeless project where we collaborate with Institut Onn Ja’afar (IOJ). This programme provides a platform for volunteers to contribute to the society, mainly to the underprivileged children and homeless people. Its main objective is to provide free breakfast for the underprivileged, disable children and homeless people around KL Valley.  

Titian Wahyu Club has been collaborating with different bodies since 2016. Throughout this programme, it was observed that the volunteers have developed their communication skills while approaching the community and also built strong relationships with the children involved. Apart from that, the community have a better perception on youth especially IIUM students throughout this programme. it is believed that this programme has given new experience to the volunteers that will lead them to be a better human being with compassion toward others. In the same way, IOJ intends to empower youth in volunteerism regardless of races, religion and background.



Mahabbah Camp is an annual programme under the supervision of Enhancing Morality, Academic and Spirituality (EMAS) project. This objective of this programme is to introduce and familiarise the mentors with mentees from SERI Al-Huda, Gombak. This camp was packed with bonding activities to create a bond and trust for the parents for TWC’s future programmes. The themes for this programme are educatio0nal, survival and introduction to EMAS Mentoring project.

The impact of this programmes for IIUM students are the mentors are able to get to know mentees better, as well as learn how to manage these young students wisely. Both mentors and committee members are able to encourage the mentees, and motivate them to join the next programmes consistently. As for the impact to the community, this programme allows comfortable interactions among mentors, committees and mentees, and they become closer in terms of ukhuwah. Additionally, parents and students now have a clear picture about Titian Wahyu Club’s EMAS Mentoring Project, and its collaboration with SERI Al-Huda.

EMAS project was held from 1996 and both TWC club and SERI Al-Huda have developed good relationships since then. Recently, new modules has been introduced to the mentees, such as First Aid Kit 101, and Self-Security, which went parallel with the intention of the camp, namely learning to be more disciplined and independent.


Ziaratul Mahabbah