About Us

STEADFAST (Student Facilitator Club) was established in August 1991 by the Leadership and Training Unit Student Affairs Division and Discipline (STADD). The purpose for this establishment is to create a team of elite students to assists the young generation outside campus in achieving their excellence in life, duniawi and ukhrawi and to assist the university in serving ummah. Formerly known as Gerakan Pembina Generasi Abad 21 (GPG 21) STEADFAST has been the leading human training-based society for more than a decade. Previously, the name of STEADFAST was STADDFAST.STEADFAST once was not a society but was a special unit under STADD. This unit was trained to be a facilitating group and initially was composed of only 45 selected students from all the students in IIUM. Since beginning and until the year 2000, the members were never exceeded than 100 students. In 1997, STEADFAST was converted into a society to be organized by the students but still under the management of STADD. In 2001, SENDI which was previously under the CENSERVE became one of the bureaus in STEADFAST. In 2001, STEADFAST launched its alumni during the celebration of its 10th anniversary. STEADFAST as a society was first held its training in 1998. It is now known as STORM. Now, STEADFAST has more than hundred members from various kuliyyah in IIUM. It is now ready to be the factory of producing quality in creating future leaders in line and within the ambit of Islam and also to train them to face the reality of this world


Activities Conducted

Internal Programme (In-House Programme): Training the Steadfast member

  • Steadfast Managerial Intensive Complete Training (SMICT)
  • Introduction to Facilitating with Complete Training (I-Fact)
  • Steadfast Enhancement Training (Set)
  • Mcleague President’s Cup (Debate)
  • Steadfast Creative Da’wah Challenge (SCDC)

External Programme (Steadfast School Project “Schoject”): Focus on facilitating high school and primary school students

  • IIUM-MM Charity Right Community Engagement programme, 
  • Leadership Camp, 
  • Motivation Camp, 
  • Smart Solat Camp.


To be leading volunteering club in Malaysia by facilitating school students to become a better Muslim and shaping them to become future Islamic Leaders


To instill good Islamic values and ethics within school students in Malaysia

To create a group of Islamic volunteers that that upbringing the Islamic knowledge and virtue

To attract school students to apply and enter IIUM



A one-day programme was held in IIUM on 24 November 2019 to highlight the importance of having good Muslim qualities to help students to be fully prepared in facing real world challenges. This challenge is open to all IIUM students to help improve the students’ soft skills and become knowledgeable in Islamic teachings even though the students came from variety of kulliyyah. 

This challenge is a competition which was conducted using the theme of ‘The Arts of Da’wah’ and in conjunction with humanity week held by CENSERVE involving 10 participants, 3 judges and 32 committees. The participants will present a short video, and present their speech with the assistance of hadith or dalil to strengthen their speech. 

After the programme ended, feedbacks were given by the participants where this programme was indeed helping them in improving their confidence in speech delivering and soft skills. Most of them also agreed that this program is beneficial in initiating humanity issues in Islamic approach and it was good when they were delivering the topic in creative ways. It clearly shows that da’wah can be presented in various ways.



Steadfast School Project 2020 was held for two days in February 2020, collaborating with Mercy Mission Malaysia. 70 primary students in Sekolah Kebangsaan Simpang Empat and 60 primary students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Padang Keria were involved. The theme of the school project for SK Padang Keria was ‘leadership,’ while SK Simpang Empat’s theme was ‘English Camp.’ Steadfast Club has worked for many years to facilitate schools and students to become a better Muslim and shape them to become future Islamic leader of a society that uses co-creation to generate outcomes that have a lasting impact on the community.

In summary, the activities of both schools were different from each other. As the program’s objective for SK Padang Keria was to improve students’ leadership skills, various modules related to leadership were introduced to the students. Furthermore, students of SK Simpang Empat were introduced with some modules related to the English language. 

Programs with students’ parents and old folks were also held. The activities involving participants and parents were aerobics, charity and parenting talks. The outcomes in terms of satisfaction were also encouraging, where it allowed the students to think creatively, work as a team, and at the same time, enjoy the games. Most importantly, most of them strongly agreed that the program had met their expectations and presumptions.