“Quranic Generation Leading the World”


Quranic Youth Club (QYC) is a student driven society based under CENSERVE (Centre for Community Engagement and Services). Doting back to history, QYC was established since the year 2000 where initially, the club’s niche is on quranic mentoring. However, this has set to change in 2016, as the club envisioned that there presented little to no interaction or engagement is made with Non-Muslims. Ergo, the niche ‘Da’wah to Non-Muslims’ surfaced in 2016, and within the same year, QYC’s Street Dakwah was recognized as the Best Dakwah Award. In 2017, the club’s niche had once again shifted, to ‘Interfaith Harmony Engagement’, and this niche area is retained, up until this moment. The year 2019 has marked an important chapter for QYC, as the club ‘s Vice Chairman of 2017/18 was awarded Best Intellectual Discourse for Global Interfaith Tour (GIFT).


QYC to become prime leader in Communal Interfaith Engagement


Produce calibre Daie equipped with Islamic thought, personally and skills

Maintaining close Ties with Dakwah NGOs and Non-Muslim community

Supply Agent of Peace among pluralistic societies

Provide a platform for a healthy discussion in the area of interfaith

Mosque Tour Guide (MTG)


Mosque Tour Guide (MTG) is an annual programme organised by QYC. The programme highlights and concords with QYC’s niche as to advocate da’wah among pluralistic society.

Prophet SAW mentioned “By Allah, if a single person is guided by Allah through you, it will be better for you than the best of camels.” [Bukhari]

In conjunction with the above hadith, MTG focuses on sharing the message of Islam, both explicitly and implicitly to non-Muslims. Based on QYC’s past experiences with MTG, participants are observed to be keen, eager and curious to study about Islam. Through MTG, guiders who are trained theoretically by skilled trainers, were given a golden opportunity to practice da’wah skills hands-on as to handle participants under their care and supervision. The recent MTG (3rd serial) has marked tremendous success. 12 out of 24 Cambodians from Institute of British English Centre (IBEC) have reverted to Islam.

Global Interfaith Tour (GIFT)


Themed ‘Peace is a gift’, 27 members of QYC went to Japan for 5 days, objectively to be one of the pioneers among university students and our country as to nurture a peaceful environment within various religion and beliefs. Through GIFT, the students were exposed to the true teaching and authentic sources of Shintoism directly from the adherents, thus clearing the misconception and misunderstanding from each other. 

Inspired by the Quranic call ‘سيروا‘ and ‘انظروا‘ which literally mean ‘travel’ and ‘reflect’, QYC visited some sacred places such as Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine as well as maintaining dialogues, discussions and knowledge sharing, to have a better understanding about Japanese culture and tradition.

GIFT is an inspiring moment for the participants to learn different perspectives of Japanese society along with cherishing the blessing from Allah SWT, with regard to peace and harmony amidst diversity.

Other Programs