Quranic and Ice-Cream


In this era of globalization, many students are still lacking in having exposure to the correct way in reciting our Holy Book, al- Quran.

Thus, JKQ club IIUM brings a program named “Quranic & Ice-Cream” or “Q-ice”. This program is meant to enhance children in learning and understand Al-Quran verses to create an advanced Quranic generation identity through knowledge, moral values and lesson extracted from al- Quran.

Other than that, this program’s aim is also to become the basic foundation for the children to learn and practice recitation of al-Quran in a beautiful way and implement it in their daily life. They will also be able to understand and scrutinize their recitation using our very own development. 

Our committees from JKQ club are consisting of experienced Huffaz. This program is a platform to da’wah by learning and understand the basics of al-Quran perfectly to the community especially to the children in engaging themselves with al-Quran