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MISI Club IIUM, which was previously known as Malaysian Unity Secretariat, have been established since 1995 under the supervision of Centre for Community Engagement and Services (CENSERVE). MISI stands for Malaysian Unity Secretariat has a long chronological event on its establishment. Before this, MISI was divided into two separate secretariats which are MISI 1 and MISI 2, which have been established since 1995. MISI 1 is a secretariat that concentrates on Islamic missionaries in Sabah while MISI 2 serves the same function in Sarawak. In 2004, MISI 1 and MISI 2 have been merged by Student Development Unit of IIUM become MISI as known today. In 2010, the management of CENSERVE decided to not use the name of Malaysian Unity Secretariat. Since then, MISI was known as MISI Club IIUM. MISI Club concentrates on Islamic Missionaries, Community Services as well as Educational Engagement in rural area of Sabah and Sarawak.



When STEADFAST Club was established in 1991, some Sabahan and Sarawakian students were invited to join their motivational programmes for school children in Sabah and Sarawak. The programmes were held successfully. They managed to reach-out more than 25 schools. They received very positive testimonials from the teachers, parents, and students after the programmes.

Then, the students planned to organize more follow-up programmes in the future. They proposed to have an official club as a platform for Sabahan and Sarawakian students to continue organizing da’wah activities in these two states. The university authority agreed with the proposal with conditions that the activities should focus on da’wah activities and the membership is open to all students regardless of their states and countries.

Establishment of MISI 1 and MISI 2

In 1995, MISI 1 and MISI 2 clubs were established for this purpose. MISI 1 is a secretariat that concentrates on humanitarian outreaches in Sabah while MISI 2 serves the same function in Sarawak. MISI stands for Malaysian Unity Secretariat. The clubs were under the supervision of Training Unit, Student Affairs Division (today known as STADD). However, both clubs turned out to become merely state-based clubs with less da’wah-based activities. Some reviews were made to put back MISI on the right track.

MISI Club: New Era

In 2004, the university authority transferred the supervision of MISI 1 and MISI 2 to Community Service Unit, today known as Centre of Community Engagement and Services (CENSERVE). Both clubs were combined with the new image as MISI Club IIUM. In 2010, the management of CENSERVE decided to not to use the name of Malaysian Unity Secretariat. Since then, the club was known as MISI Club IIUM until today.




  1. Best “Sejahtera Project” Club 2019 (CENSERVE)

Programs & Activities conducted:

  1. Internal Programmes (5 programmes)
        1. MISI Club Mass Gathering
        2. MISI Training Camp
        3. MISI Family Day
        4. Annual General Meeting
        5. Annual Grand Dinner
      1. External Programmes (4 programmes)
        1. Outreaches to Sabah
        2. Outreaches to Sarawak


MISI Club IIUM become a leading club that help towards sustainable development of community in Sabah and Sarawak by 2024


To strengthen the ukhuwah and the culture of contributing to care of others.

To spread and enhance the Islamic teaching in rural area of Sabah & Sarawak.

To promote higher education to the community especially the youths of the rural area of Sabah and Sarawak.

OPAH Series (Outreach to Kampung Pahu Himbaan, Ranau, Sabah)


OPAH Series consisted of 4 series of programmes conducted from 2015 to 2017. The first series began with engaging the communities of Kampung Pahu, Ranau that are mostly reverts or Muallaf community in Ranau. From there, MISI had identified all the necessary needs of the community to be able to improve their living. 

MISI had managed to build a mini library in the second series to spark the reading habits of the community including the youths and children. The basic needs of the villagers were also fulfilled by providing water tanks and water pumps during the third series. Various kind of education were taught to the villagers such as religious teachings, language, and formal education for the school children and teenagers. 

The series had become a successful project as it caught the attention of the local press and ADUN Ranau.

BEDUDUN Series (Outreach to Kampung Subak Bekenu, Miri, Sarawak)


The 2 series of programmes in 2019 had put the attention on bringing education as well as religious enhancement to the local community. MISI had conducted several activities for religious enhancement to improve their understanding of Islam such as Bengkel Solat, Tahsin Wudu’ and Tahsin al-Fatihah during the first series while Jenazah Management, Practical for Praying During Ill and Tahsin Juzu’ Amma on the second series as per requested by the villagers. Both series had held Forum Perdana, the most attractive module for the community. 

A motivational programme was also conducted nearby SK Kampung Subak Bekenu for primary school students. Other projects such as Musolla Improvement, Reflective Sticks Project and the school signage instalment have been done to benefit the villagers.


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