Kursus Motivasi Jiwa Remaja


Kursus Motivasi Jiwa Remaja (KMJR) is one of the mega projects organized by Inspire Club IIUM annually and facilitated by trained facilitators. The idea behind this program is similar to “Bakti Siswa” which is commonly organized and participated by university students, including IIUM students. This program focuses on addressing secondary school students aged 16 to 18 who have academic and social problem backgrounds. It could be a golden opportunity for the
facilitators to know the root of their problems and train INSPIRE Club members to the real world of facilitating. 

Throughout this program, the facilitators will learn how to adapt to the situation and can practise their knowledge gained from past training. Moreover, this program also introduces a concept of facilitating to the participants which are called “Facilitators for Life” where the participants will learn about facilitating and become facilitators among their peers, families, and surroundings. This program aims to educate the participants that facilitator is not only a mere task in a program but it can be a role in our life. We want to emphasize this idea to the participants so they can become good facilitators who can motivate, encourage, and facilitate people around them to be better.