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JKQ Club is one of the volunteer-based clubs under CENSERVE . This club has been established since 2001. This club was actually created for the students from Tahfiz background whereby it is for the platform for them to revise and refresh the memorization of al-Quran. Plus, the members also mostly graduated from Darul Quran (DQ) and Tahfiz schools. However, in order to further develop and make this club more well-known to the IIUM students, thus, we begin to open up to all the students in IIUM. Therefore, the scope of this club becomes more widen and not just specifically for Tahfiz students only. 

In addition, we are focusing towards Quranic teaching for students in IIUM Gombak and the community outside IIUM. Model development of JKQ are education and dakwah through training, facilitating, mentoring, classes, talk and seminar. We are trying to create awareness to love Quranic teaching in daily life. We are hoping to become an outstanding club that provides spiritual care support and Quranic Teaching in 2021.

JKQ Club is one of the Quranic Based Clubs in IIUM in which it evolves around quranic teaching or facilitating the IIUM students as well as the public. This club conduct classes, talk, usrah, and many more in order to spread the teaching of Islam in the Al-Quran. This club also provides many interesting and exciting activities in order to attract the students and the public, that there are various ways to actually learn the Al-Quran.



  1. Best Quranic and Dakwah Based Team 2019
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Leading the ummah to Jeelul Quran


Nurturing the credibility of educators in teaching Qur’an (Mentoring)

Comprehending the varieties of Quranic Verses (Tafseer)

Upgrading the quality of Tajweed and makhraj in Reciting Qur’an (Tahseen)

Discovering the uniqueness of Qur’anic Recitation  (Tarannum)

Preparing the attractive methods in Memorizing Qur’an (Tahfiz)



The aims of this program are to teach the basics in Islam, moral values and recitation of Al-Quran to the patients in Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras (HRC). Three modules which are programme tilawah, tadabbur and games are prepared for this program. Quranic classes for the participants will be taught based on their levels. Games such as ‘Kotak Beracun’ and ‘Dam Ular’ that are related to the verses in the Al-Quran will be played and other interesting activities such as StoryLine and Sharing Moment were conducted.

Throughout this program, spiritual care is also provided to the patients to motivate them to go through their obstacles and hard times. One of the achievements of this program is that the patients and the committees gave positive responses and feedbacks for this activity. 

JKQ believes being sick does not stop a person from reading and learning Al-Quran, and hence, provided a platform for the patients to always learn the Quran in whatever state they are in. This program is also able to make the volunteers reflect on themselves as they should be grateful that they are still healthy and have the strength to read and learn Al-Quran. 



This program is run based on explorace activities conducted in several sessions for each semester on every Sunday. The modules vary with each session. In the first session, the understanding of tajwid is emphasized while the second session, the understanding of Jawi is highlighted. The modules also vary according to the level of the children themselves. Beginners will be taught Iqra’ 1 to Iqra’ 3, basic children will be taught Iqra’ 4 to Iqra’ 6, and advanced children will be focusing on the memorization of Juzu’ Amma. Staying true to the name of the program, the participants will be rewarded with ice cream at the end of the program to enjoy themselves.

This program has a huge impact on society, especially on children and their parents. The parents will be aware of the importance of introducing the Al-Quran to their children at an early age and the children can learn the basics of tajwid and jawi through this program. Introducing Al-Quran at an early age can help them to learn faster and also could guide them in the future as Al-Quran is undeniably the best guidance in the world.

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