Global Interfaith Tour


To mark another phase in QYC’s interfaith engagement initiatives, GIFT or Global Interfaith Tour intends to expose the members with a new experience in dealing with a society, environment and tradition, different from what we have in Malaysia. Inspired by the Quranic call of ‘سيروا’ and ‘انظروا’ which literally mean ‘travel and reflect’, hopefully, GIFT can become a key inspiration for Muslims in Malaysia in playing their critical role as a prime mover of Islam, in any field possible. Via GIFT, participants are also expected to attain meaningful insights in developing their utmost potential, in conveying and sharing the true beauty of Islam.

Among the activities organized were mass, fun learning modules, which involve the study of crucial subjects apart from cultural exchange between the two countries, and a forum on educational values. This programme was officiated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Hasan, the Deputy Rector of Student Development and Community Engagement. The feedbacks received were positive, paving the way for future enhancement on the programme to bemade.