Caring Club IIUM is a volunteerism-based club which focuses on the social welfare of orphans and asnaf. The club adopts the method of mentoring and facilitating in our approaches. Caring Club IIUM was established in 1994 to help with the development of orphans and asnaf in every aspect of life, including academic and spirituality. The club had adopted three care houses around Selangor under our care which are, Asrama Darul Falah, Rumah Penyayang Darul Ilmi and Rumah Raudhatul Al-Faeez. Generally, Caring Club IIUM organises programmes under the three main branches of the club which are Internal programmes, Mentoring Anak-Anak Yatim dan Asnaf Caring (MAYANG) project, and Sentuhan Anak-Anak Yatim dan Asnaf Caring (SAYANG) project. There are about 15 to 20 programmes organised annually. The programmes conducted were specifically designed to assist the children for a brighter future with the help of the club members and the community.


To become an excellent club that enhances the development of the orphans and asnaf holistically


To prepare the children with knowledge and skills for the betterment of their future

To nurture the culture of contributing from community towards the orphans and asnaf

To enlighten the spirit of Islam among community members and the children of the orphanages and care houses

To strengthen the ukhuwah among community members and the orphans and asnaf

Run for Orphans


Run for Orphans is an annual event organized by Caring Club IIUM under the supervision of Centre for Community Engagement and Services (CENSERVE). This annual charity event aims to raise fund for the orphanages and care homes under the care of the club besides promoting a healthy lifestyle to the community. This event has also become a platform for the club to raise awareness within the community about the condition of the orphans and asnaf and provide a means for the community to interact and contribute to the children.

The collected funds will be given to each home to assist them with their basic necessities and also to help them in troubled times. A portion of the fund will also be allocated to educational programs with the children. This event manages to create awareness within the public about the condition of the children and opens up a way for the community to contribute to the children in need.

Mentoring Anak-anak Yatim dan Asnaf Caring (MAYANG)


MAYANG is a project by Caring Club that goes on throughout the year. This project comprises of educational modules that was designed in a fun way to attract the children to learn new things while improving their soft skills together with children from other orphanages and care homes around Selangor that are under the care of the club. 

This project is organized for the few specific orphanages and care homes around Selangor that are under the care of the club for the year. With this project, the children from orphanages and care homes can get additional input to improve their educational aspect of life and later on help them in their studies and future. The children are also given the opportunity to experience more hands-on learning outside of classes together with other children from other orphanages and care homes. This project is later extended into outreach programmes outside of Selangor.