International Islamic University Malaysia has a strong tradition of volunteerism serving the surrounding community. It is in line with the University’s theme as the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue where knowledge is to be translated into actions for the benefits of mankind. In March 1995, the IIUM Management established the Centre for Community Service and Continuing Education supervised by the Office of the Rector. Its main objective was to institutionalize community engagement as the University’s contribution to the sustainable development of the surrounding community and the world at large. The acronym CENSERVE was introduced in 1996.

CENSERVE was created as a platform for staff and students to plan activities for the community. Every year hundreds of students register as CENSERVE volunteers under various clubs and project teams. The staff participate as club advisors, trainers and invited speakers during talks.

CENSERVE has produced thousands of students with skills on volunteerism, humanitarian work and project management. Through CENSERVE activities, students understand that IIUM graduates shall not only be well versed in his or her field of study but even more so; they shall also be socially responsible and have a strong desire to improve the lives of the ummah and humankind. They are given the empowerment to plan, and implement community service projects guided by CENSERVE

Thousands of school students, teenagers, orphans, villagers, the disables and Orang Asli have received benefits from CENSERVE projects.


Establishment of Centre for Community Service and Continuing Education


The establishment of acronym of CENSERVE and CENSERVE TEAM


CENSERVE as a unit under STADD and establishment of students clubs


CENSERVE moved to ODRICL and renamed as Centre for University Social Responsibility


CENSERVE moved to ODRSA and renamed as UCCE


Rebranding of CENSERVE as Centre for Community Engagement and Services


To become a leading model of an engaged and integrated higher education centre based on Islamic Values


Empowering community towards a sustainable quality of life


The main objective of CENSERVE is to actualize the university’s mission through community engagement. The activities will focus on the following agenda 


CENSERVE was entrusted to play its role as the University’s hub for community engagement activities. Its main functions are: